“Roy is one of life’s truly unique creative forces…he’s the kind of director who will take your concept, twiddle it between his fingers, run it around in his mind, add some humor and spin it back to you in a way that’ll bring a smile to your face and make you proud you work with him…”

Phillip Taylor, Wall to Wall productions/BBC/Taylor’s TV.

Watch my latest short films on Jude LeBlanc, and Bushi Yamato Damashi. My Lakeland long-form documentary keeps growing in views, along with controversial comments.

I just caught up watching a Corporate Film I produced a while back in the UK right here and as I think it rocks, I want to do more like these soon.

We doodled at the Wild Goose Festival last month, and got a great review, check it out.

My latest Doodles are on my @Royzoner IG.