Spontaneity, For The Next 21 (or so) Days

I'm late to my 21 Day Writing Challenge. 

For the last 3 and the next 18 days, I am supposed to be writing one blog post a day. I have failed the first 3 days, and failure being the greatest step to success, I'm on my way to my first novel.   

It's a Challenge I'm taking designed by the writer Megan Macedo. She's the lady that does the really deep marketing  videos with the cool Irish accent. 

For me I will be exploring the theme of spontaneous creativity, hoping and praying that the fast and furious creativity of my doodle artwork will seep into my writing for the next 4 weeks.  

So in reverse-engineering my doodle process: I pick up a marker or stylus, I let go of my perfectionist mind, I just I just draw knowing that nothing-- and I mean nothing-- is too wierd to draw. Everything is allowed. If the raccoon I am drawing is really an alien, if it's hungry for a Big Mac, and if the raccoon's eyes appear as Big Macs, it is all well and good.

Can I apply this process to my writing? I'll let you know over the next 4 weeks.