Technical Blocks

I was never given the gift of technical prowess.  

While I love to paint, write & edit video all day, I lack the ability to frame a canvas, to be grammatically correct, or to know all the specs and encoding details of an editing system.

To begin a work is easy, to complete that work is a bit more of a challenge. Call it low math skills, or ADHD, or maybe i just lack discipline, whatever you call it, it is a weakness.

I'm not an auteur -- when you see movie set portraits of Kubrick or Soderbergh shooting, lighting and directing the same scene-- that ain't me! I'm more of what my producer/director friend Jeremy Higham celebrates as having the gift of being an amateur

How have I overcome this dilemma? By seeing it as a gift.

Not being able to technically Light a set, I've learned to collaborate with great lighting and camera people who can. Lacking the math skills to navigate an online edit, I have found great working relationships collaborating with editors who are genius. And this process makes my work better. 

In more personal artwork, I'm short on patience to stretch or frame a canvas, but I've become blissful just doodling in a moleskine or iPad for hours. I've learned my way around grammar police by not using a lot of semi-colons, keeping my writing style simple, or working with writers who can take my crazier ideas and make them palatable for a human mind. 

I think the greatest gift of this weakness has been to learn the power of the tribe. By mixing talents of artists and technicians, working together in a flow, so much brilliance can happen, always making ideas and final deliveries so much more than just one person can do.