Do You Own Your Ideas?

I used to be hugely proprietary on my ideas. If I had an idea, I'd send it out for copyright, I'd be on the lookout for similar ideas or stories, I'd go to film fests and freak out about how similar someone else's short film was to mine and then threaten legal action. 

But then I did some reading, and study, and found that at one point in the world's history, it was considered an honor for an artist to be copied. And good Ideas were once thought to be a platform to build on more good ideas, all for the world's education and greater good. 

Then I spent some time and went deeper, realising that I really can't claim ownership of ideas, because ideas may come from Somewhere Else. Call it God or inspiration or the field of quantum energetic enlightenment or Oz or wherever. 

It doesn't matter where you end and inspiration begins, or what your copyrights are when you draw down ideas from that Somewhere Else, it just matters that you can express and spread these ideas. 

In the creative process, when I pick up a copic marker, I like to imagine that I can dissolve into a creative pool.  Yeah, my particular pool contains a majority supply of tiger-aliens, narcissistic prawns and orbs, but it's a pool that I like to swim in.  

You're pool of creativity might be more of an ocean, or a city, that contains lots of sea monsters or dramatic thrillers or legal battles, and you might be in touch with those worlds more than I am. 

I can get to my creative pool with meditation or worship, but you might get there through jogging, yoga, eating fried onions, or driving. 

As long as you get there, it doesn't matter what vehicle you are taking.  If your row boat sinks on the way there, then swim. If you can swim, float, or take an Uber boat. Just get there.