Excellence as Ego

One of my greatest obstacles is excellence.

For years I struggled with half-baked ideas, drawings, screenplays, scenes, and they were left half-baked because they did not have the flair of excellence, and you know, we must be excellent in all things because of whatever warped theological reason.

But then I discovered the beauty of shipping, of completing and delivering something that was, well, done, but not necessarily well-done.

And the fact that I was getting stuff done, led to other work.

Drawing cows that fart popcorn on a moleskin led to writing about aliens and bad magicians and that become a cable tv show, and not a very good one at that! And then hundreds and hundreds of weird doodles, Iā€™d say most of them are done, and a fraction of them I think are really cool.

Excellence can be great, except when it prevents you from making things that are just ok.