Ascending Vs Descending

Last week I was talking with a friend about mid-life, and I realized I’m going to be 52– and I have a Jabba the Hut and a Porg toy on my work desk.

I guess that is ok, I mean, the Jabba has the ability to bite the head off of a fish, and the Porg makes cool noises.

But am I going to be a Fan Boy the rest of my life?

And that question makes me want to attempt to ascend a new career ladder, where things will be brighter and maybe I can make more money, and create good some intellectual property.

But ascending is the exact opposite of where my favorite teachers say to go. Great authors and mystics like Robert Bly and Richard Rohr always write of mid-life being a place of descent, of shadow work and letting go of ego.

When I practice this, I get better concepts and ideas, I get calm, and with better ideas comes greater ways to communicate, which is all I ever wanted to do in the first place - communicate with characters and pictures and ideas and words.