What the hell is Kundalini?

Here are the top comments on my movie, Lakeland, which appears to be a target for heresy hunters and people who think their faith is perfect and could judge anyone who does not fit their worldview: 

“What a drug-related fiasco of Kundalini-deceived false believers!”

“Todd Bentley is a Kundalini believer/satanist and he deceives people with his lies and false miracles.”

“This is like the overweight revival, that stage is filled with fat people who practice Kundalini.”  

“This is a Kundalini revival!” 

Curious about what this Kundalini spirit is, I just happened to find a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Jai Gopal (or as I call him, JyeGople) and asked him what the hell is Kundalini.  And...well... I sort of found out.